High-pressure injection for subsoil stabilization

With the jet grouting procedure HPI the in-situ soil is improved and replaced by earth-concrete. This takes place by means of cutting and loosening the soil with a high-pressure or suspension jet stream and mortar stabilization with cement suspension. The method is also known as high-pressure injection (HPI).

One of the benefits of the HPI method is that even small drill pipes can solidify a large area of the in-situ soil.

When is the high-pressure injection method used?

The HPI jet grouting procedure offers numerous advantages apart from the required space. Stabilization elements can be produced in any size, form or depth. They are capable of carrying extreme loads and the whole work process causes only limited vibrations. The required working height is low, which makes the high-pressure injection method ideal for building projects in living areas.

Among other application areas, the method is used for:

  • Ground treatment in the vicinity of the construction pit
  • Pile foundations
  • Seal walls
  • Temporary tunnel support
  • Underpinning buildings
  • Manufacture of sealing beds

How does the high-pressure injection process work?

Depending on the soil conditions, several different high-pressure injection methods are used. The main process, however, is always the same. An HPI rod system, equipped with a jet at the very bottom, is installed in the soil. Then, a liquid is injected into the soil under high pressure. The soil is loosened and merged with the liquid. This process is enhanced by specific movement of the HPI rods.

Different high-pressure jet grouting methods

The different kind of jet grouting methods differ in the additional use of water and / or air in order to solidify the soil.

  • The single-phase system uses exclusively binder materials.
  • The double-phase system either uses water for cutting, and binders for solidification. Or the system uses air instead of water in order to loosen the soil.
  • The three-phase system can use water and air simultaneously for cutting the soil.
HDI high-pressure injections

Jet grouting equipment and tools by EMDE

EMDE offers drilling tools and equipment for single-, double- and three-phase high-pressure jet grouting. The standard drilling diameters are between 88.9 mm and 133.0 mm, but individual diameters can also be produced. That way, we can cover every kind of high-pressure injection method.

You are uncertain what kind of method you need to utilize for your construction project? Our experts will be happy to advise you in an appointment on site.

High-pressure injections by EMDE

For high-pressure injections you can rely on the high-quality products by EMDE. We guarantee short delivery times as we have a lot of our products in stock. We use top-quality materials to ensure the durability of jet grouting products.

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