Geothermal drilling technology

Geothermal sensors are usually inserted through special drill holes. Primarily double-head drilling systems are needed to create those holes. Using geothermal energy is becoming increasingly popular, as it is environmentally sustainable.

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What is the purpose of geothermal drilling?

Geothermal energy is a free and sustainable energy source. More and more people make use of it by installing geothermal heating systems in their houses. The drilling itself is not that complex. In Germany, for instance, temperatures from 8 to 12°C (46-50°F) can be found already at about 10 meters (32-33 feet) deep.

With geothermal heat an efficient thermal heat pump converts electricity into heating energy. This heating method is successful particularly due to its potential of saving up to 78% CO₂ when compared to a conventional oil heating system.

Apart from drilling fairly close to the surface it is also possible to install geothermal probes up to around 400 meters (1.312 feet) deep. In these depths the temperature rises significantly, however this also makes the process more complex.

Brazing the hardened metal tip on to ring drilling crowns.

What kind of drilling tools should be used for geothermal drilling?

When inserting a geothermal probe, precision is of the utmost importance. The drilling holes need to be the perfect size and reach the exact depth required. You can depend on the high-quality products by EMDE!

In the area of geothermal drilling we offer all the necessary drilling tools and accessories. Among those are:

  • Protective tubes
  • Inner drill pipes
  • Drilling bits
  • Ring drilling crowns
  • Drive flanges
  • Discharge sockets
  • Changeovers and Kelly stubs

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Geothermal drilling with technology by EMDE

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