Overburden drilling with hydraulic hammer drill

During overburden drilling both drill strings are inserted into the ground with rotary percussion drills. The rotational direction of both drill strings is the same. Both strings are driven by one drive. During this process the drilling waste is flushed out by a flushing medium in the annulus space between the outer and inner tube.

EMDE offers you all the equipment and components you need for overburden drilling with hydraulic hammer drills.

Core bits for overburden drilling

Overburden drilling: Available system components

  • Spigot ends for all common hydraulic hammer drills
  • Module rotary swivels with compensation rod and discharge socket
  • Spray protection in various designs
  • Discharge preventer for drive rotary swivels
  • Module rotary swivels with double nipples or friction welded design
  • Ring and full face bits with various cutting geometries

Product features

All system components can be freely configured according to your wishes and ground requirements. A specialised further development of the system is an overburden drilling process with integrated down-the-hole hammer (DTH hammer) for extremely difficult ground conditions.