BEES – K 980 mm drilling bucket, single-edged

For slightly cohesive, mixed-grained, medium-density gravel, compacted fine and medium gravel, fine-layered, flaky rock up to medium hardness.

BEES – K 980 mm drilling bucket, single-edged

Product features

  • Rotating and folding floor per t=50 mm
  • Rotating base pin mounted in wearing bushings
  • Automatic and additional manual triggering of the folding floor with rotary device
  • Steel cutter bar with HB400 with incorporated holders and (RM) B47 point-attack cutting tools
  • Calibrating ring with RM B47
  • RM VB250 / 3xB47/Vk100 pilot drill
  • Ventilation to counter vacuum formation
  • Lower third of pipe base body and rotary base reinforced at the outer edge

Technical data

  • SW 200 mm Kelly box
  • Effective length 1200 mm
  • Overall length ~2,000 mm
  • Drill pipe diameter 1080/1000 mm
  • Drill diameter 970 mm