Overburden drilling with rotary drive

EMDE supplies the complete range of drilling accessories for drilling processes designed primarily for harder ground. One of these processes is overburden drilling with rotary drive. Overburden drilling can also be done with hydraulic hammer drills. These two overburden drilling processes have in common that both the flushing medium and the drill cuttings exit the borehole through the annular gap.

Find out more about the available system components and product features for rotary drives.

Drilling equipment on a drill with dual head drilling system

Rotary drive: Available system components

  • Central rotary swivels
  • Drive flange with waste openings
  • Rotary drill tubes
  • Ring drilling crowns
  • Compensation rods
  • TLH rod with rotary drilling tips
  • Adaptor for deep hole hammer

Product features

For this drilling process we can supply a friction-welded inner rod for the most challenging demands.

If you would like to know about rotary drives for overburden drilling, contact us and we will advise you on all available components. We will help you determine what kind of equipment you need for the specific requirements of your project.