Kelly bars

Kelly bars are crucial for Kelly drilling processes such as the installation of piles with large diameter. We offer unique solutions and manufacture Kelly bars individually adapted to your top drive. Our Kelly bars are constantly improved to ensure the highest quality, reliability and durability for your projects.

Kelly bar with drilling tools in action

Kelly bars: Product features

  • The Kelly bars can generally be extended to 2 to 4 times their length.
  • The geometry is optimised with finite element analysis and designed for favourable force progression.
  • Upon request we can manufacture Kelly bars as locking and friction bars
  • We guarantee the transmission of the maximum permissible torque along the entire extended length of the Kelly bar.

Technical data

  • Torques up to 500 kNm
  • Drilling depths up to 100 m
  • Number of sections: 2 to 5.

Product advantages

  • Extendable to 2 to 4 times its length
  • Long service life
  • Wear resistance

IKelly bars: Application areas

  • Transmission of the rotation and feed movement of the top drive of the drilling system with the EMDE Kelly bar on the drilling tool