Vertical auger drills

Vertical auger drilling is used for producing drill piles, foundation drill holes and for relief drilling for inserting piles or erecting piling walls. At EMDE we also offer horizontal auger drills and are experts in different kinds of auger drilling methods.

In the following you can find a list of the most important product features of our vertical auger drills. EMDE also offer telescopic vertical auger drills for achieving large drilling depths in a relatively short among of time.

Vertical auger drill

Product features

  • The cutting edge is adapted to the respective geology in consultation with the customer.
  • The cutting geometry of the drill heads is adapted to the respective soil formation.
  • We stock hexagonal connectors in all common sizes.
  • The low-backlash design ensures stable and quiet running.

Contact us for more information about the available vertical auger drills. We will be happy to advise you!