The company

MDE – a family-owned company that stands for

  • Absolute reliability and honesty
  • Genuine co-operation
  • Customer proximity
  • Sustained, healthy growth
  • Securing jobs
  • Helpfulness and team spirit
  • The highest quality “Made in Germany”

with its good name. Now in the second generation, we wish to continue to maintain and actively live these important values which were imparted to us by the company’s founders to your benefit.

Made in Germany at five separate production locations

New fields of business have been constantly acquired during the very short course of our company’s history. Machines, tools and plants for the following industries and sectors are manufactured at five production locations:

  • Bulk materials handling system solutions and plants for the chemical, foodstuffs, plastic, recycling and construction materials industries
  • Processing equipment and conveying technology for the soda and potassium industries
  • Drilling tools for anchor, geothermal and large-pile drilling
  • Injection moulding tools for LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) parts primarily for the medical care sector

All business areas are consolidated within EMDE Industrie-Technik GmbH. The central administration is located at the head office in Nassau/Lahn.

“Together we are strong” is a motto put into action within the company. A dynamic and motivated team of staff is there to attend to your needs.

EMDE company building in Nentershausen