Double-head drilling with hydraulic hammer drill

During double-head drilling with hydraulic hammer drills, both drill strings are bored into the ground in opposing directions. For this purpose, a dual head drilling system is used. The drilling waste is conveyed upwards by a flushing medium in the annulus space between the outer and inner tube.

This drilling process makes it possible for the outer protective tubing to be only partly positioned.

140 mm diameter module head

Double-head drilling: Available system components

EMDE offers the following components for double head drilling and hammer drills:

  • Drive rotary swivels
  • Compensation rods with adaptors
  • Inner rod with impact core cutter
  • Notch bits for drilling against pressing water
  • Discharge sockets for all common rotary drives
  • Drive flanges for protective tube
  • Injection adaptors and injection pistons
  • Rotary drilling tubes as monoblocks or with pre-welded and hardened threaded connectors
  • Ring drilling crowns with hardened metal tip

Double-head drilling: Area of application

This drilling method will be used mainly in varying soil conditions and groundwater under pressure.