Drilling pipes

The drilling hole must be supported during Kelly drilling in non-compacted soil. For this we offer single and twin-walled drilling pipes with all necessary accessories. Find out more about our high-quality drill pipes as well as other pipes related to Kelly drilling such as:

Cutting shoe for twin-walled drilling pipes

Product features

  • The pipe connectors are made of highly rigid heat-treated steel.
  • A watertight connection between the pipes is ensured by an O-ring seal.
  • Due to our high manufacturing flexibility we are able to produce the pipes and especially the connectors for all commercially available systems. We are also able to produce customized pipes according to your individual specifications.
  • Drilling pipe diameters up to 2,500 mm and larger (on customer request).
  • Effective pipe lengths up to 6,000 mm and longer (on customer request).

Product advantages of our drilling pipes

  • Highly rigid heat-treated steel
  • Long service life
  • Wear-resistant

Application areas

  • Adaptation to commercially available systems or individually to your specifications due to our production flexibility.

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