Are you interested in technology and have manual skill? We can offer you lots of practical experience!

Every economically oriented company also has a social obligation to fulfil. We have a holistic understanding of training; in addition to the specific professional focus, a major part of it involves personal development and the ability to work as part of a team.

In 2019 we are once again offering young people with an interest in technology and manual skills the opportunity of receiving practice-oriented and thorough professional training which will serve as a solid basis for an entire professional lifetime. During training we offer manual work training with examination preparation.

Your qualification is the aim of our concept:

  • Our team of trainers supports the trainees, their parents, the schools and also the chamber of industry and commerce in every possible way
  • Close contact with vocational schools
  • The necessary skills are taught in the training workshop or at individual workstations to accompany the school curriculum
  • Trainees pass through the company following the rotation principle
  • Inter-plant examination preparation
  • Internal practical and theoretical examination preparation


We look forward to receiving your application by post, addressed to Mrs. Simone Rotsch

Phone: +49 (0)3925-985 450