Drilling technology and tools for foundation engineering

EMDE has been active for four decades in the market as a supplier of drilling tools for specialist foundation engineering. Both anchor and pile drilling tools are manufactured to the highest quality in accordance with the latest knowledge and long-term practical experience. To guarantee this high standard, we use the most modern machine tools. We cover the full range of drilling devices which you require for your requirements in the area of specialist foundation engineering.

Deep drilling tools by EMDE represent quality and durability. In the following, we would like to present our various solutions. You will benefit from our expertise as a drilling technology manufacturer.

Drilling technology for anchor drilling

We offer all the required drilling tools you will need for anchor drilling – from anchor chairs, accessories to all kinds of tools. Among other things, anchor drilling is used as a temporary support in construction pits. Practical experience directly contributes to the ongoing development of our products. Therefore, even in the most challenging situations you can count on our high-quality drilling tools.

Drilling tools for Kelly drilling

Kelly drilling is among the most common dry rotary drilling methods. EMDE offers a wide range of drilling tools and accessories. Among those are Kelly bars, auger drills and various pressure and drilling pipes, all of which can be customized for your needs. For instance, we manufacture our conductor pipes according to your standards regarding length and width. That way we can guarantee a smooth execution of your deep engineering undertaking.

Drilling tool accessories for auger drilling

Auger drilling, among other things, is used for erecting auger piles. For all purposes associated with auger drilling, EMDE has brought numerous developments to the production stage. Among those is our telescopic vertical drilling auger, allowing work in limited height conditions. Further focus areas of our development are tools for various processes as well as vertical and horizontal auger drills.

Additional drilling technology solutions by EMDE

Apart from drilling tools and accessories for the aforementioned uses we also offer:

  • Drilling tools for high-pressure injection
  • Core drilling tools
  • Tools for microtunneling and geothermic drilling
  • Complete pipe roofs

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to offer individual solutions for your deep engineering project.

Benefits of having EMDE as your drilling technology partner

EMDE always factors real-life requirements into the manufacturing and development processes. Therefore, we deliver technology that actually solves real problems in foundation engineering. We are able to supply tools for the heaviest continuous duty applications, even under extreme operational scenarios, thanks to:

  • In-process quality control
  • The selection of the most suitable materials for the respective application
  • Extremely innovative manufacturing technology

If you are uncertain about the exact requirements for your drilling tools, our experts can assist you in examining the basic conditions on-site. Short delivery times can be met even for special tools or components. Vertically integrated manufacturing and extensive stocks are prerequisites for this. Reliability, flexibility and quality products are the cornerstones of our long-term success, which was attained by motivated and experienced employees.

You can count on EMDE – we guarantee a smooth execution of the production and delivery of the tools for your project in specialist foundation engineering.

Expert drilling technology by EMDE

Quality products, reliability and flexibility – all of this is what makes EMDE special and successful. You can depend on our expertise and our well-schooled employees. We are looking forward to assisting you in all topics associated with drilling technology!

Our contacts will be happy to advise you!