About us

Harald Emde’s company was founded in August 1980. The first and initially only manufactured product, the EMDE LIFT flexible screw conveyor, laid the foundation for a company which is now known globally far beyond the borders of Germany with a variety of spheres of action in all industries.

In the early years, the product range was rapidly extended to further plant components for handling bulk materials, etc. In the mid-80s, the big bag became a popular container for transporting bulk materials. Corresponding filling and emptying stations were developed at the same time.

In 1986, the drilling technology range for anchor drilling was added to the production spectrum. This was quickly extended with further important mainstays (large-pile, exploratory and geothermal drilling).
In the same year, a toolmaking company specialising in the manufacture of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) moulds was bought on account of its highly interesting and innovative technology.

In 2000, the expertise of a company based in Wurzen/Saxony was bought in. At the time of the takeover, the company had 30 employees; it now employs three times as many producing conveyor technology for mass bulk materials mainly for the construction material, salt and fertiliser industries.

At the Stassfurt location, a large company with its own foundry was acquired as part of a management buyout in 2005. Primary focus is the production of torque tube devices such as kilns, drying chambers, condenser, calciner and vessels, as well as wind power components and heavy cast parts weighting up to 60 t each. Customers are served in different industries at which the emphasis is in the chemical, Energy and waste recycling industry as well as the machinery and equipment business.

In 2018, the locations Nentershausen (drilling engineering & production) and Stassfurt (drilling & plant construction) are acquired by DI Mittelstand, an independent, German owner-managed Holding company. In this combination, both sites and their respective teams are established and developed as independent, stand-alone specialists in the areas of drilling technology as well as plant engineering and construction.

EMDE company building in Nentershausen