Conductor pipes

Conductor pipes are deployed for gentle insertion of concrete into the drilled hole and to prevent the drilling pile’s concrete mixing with loose earth. Thus, conductor pipes are an important part of Kelly drilling.

The most important features and advantages of the pipes are listed in the following.

Conductor pipe battery

Available accessory parts

  • Suspension jig
  • Lifting hut
  • Conductor pipe funnel
  • Conductor pipe frame

Product features

  • The waterproof pipe connectors with O-ring seal are secured axially by multi-stranded steel cables.
  • Conductor pipes are often manufactured individually to customer specifications
  • Conductor pipe nominal widths up to 340 mm
  • Effective pipe lengths up to 12,000 mm

Product advantages

  • High-quality materials
  • Robust welded construction
  • All accessories can be supplied

Application examples

  • Conductor pipes for concreting drilling piles for foundation anchoring
  • Or temporary construction pit support

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