Kelly drilling: Installation of bored piles

Kelly drilling is a standard procedure for the installation of piles with large diameter. This dry rotary drilling method can be used for almost all types of soil and rock as the drilling tools can easily be swapped.

The eponymous Kelly bars are constantly improved using practical experience. EMDE offers all required drilling tools and the fitting accessories.

When is Kelly drilling used?

The Kelly drilling method is used when great depths need to be reached using large drilling diameters. One particular case of application is the installation of large bored piles. Large piles are being drilled into the soil. Afterwards, they are filled in with concrete. The piles direct the load of the construction onto deeper soil layers. This takes some of the load off the subsoil. Kelly drilling is the ideal method for this kind of process.

Other cases of application are:

  • Well drilling
  • Drilling for soil replacement
  • Installation of steel beam profiles

How does Kelly drilling work?

The most distinguishing feature of the Kelly method lies in the body structure of the eponymous drill pipes. The Kelly bar can be extended to multiple times its length, depending on the version of the bar. It transmits the rotary movement of the drill drive and the vertical movement onto the drilling tool.

The possible drilling depth depends on the version of the Kelly bar. The extendable bars can be slotted together and adjusted to the required drilling depth.

Kelly drilling tools, equipment and accessories

EMDE offers you Kelly bars which are individually adapted to your top drive. We guarantee the ideal transmission of the maximum permissible torque along the entire extended length of the bar.

We offer you various drilling tools, all of which are applicable for different soil conditions. That way, our core drilling pipes allow you to drill through rock layers and rubble. Our drilling buckets are perfect for gravelly soils and drilling below ground water level.

Further accessories for Kelly drilling by EMDE:

If you would like to know, what kind of equipment you will need for your particular foundation engineering project, feel free to contact us. Together, we will decide what kind of bars, which tools and accessories should be used.

Kelly drills manufactured by experts

The material requirements for Kelly drilling devices are very high. That is why it is so important to be able to rely on high quality and the best materials possible. Therefore, EMDE Kelly drilling tools have been produced for many years in constantly improved material qualities and with optimized details. By specifically adjusting the products for your individual demands we maximize the performance of our drilling tools. This leads to perfect results!

If you have further questions about Kelly drills, contact our international sales team. We are looking forward to you and your building project!

The name EMDE stands for all these criteria.

Because the greatest efficiency and greatest possible product reliability are precisely the criteria against which we measure our performance.

Our specialist consultants would be pleased to assist you on-site in selecting the tools and configuration for your construction project. See our expertise and quality for yourself!