Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) technique

During Continuous Flight Augering (CFA), the drilled hole is produced by drilling the auger into the foundation soil without any additional piping. The drilling waste in the auger prevents the drilled hole from collapsing when the drill string is pulled out.

Find out more about the continuous flight auger process in the following or learn more about other auger drilling processes such as the front of wall technique.

SOB process

Available accessory equipment

  • Mechanical or hydraulic pipe routing
  • Auger cleaner

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CFA: Product features

  • The cutting edge is adapted for the respective geology in consultation with the customer.
  • The sizing of your auger drill is individually adapted to the capacity and power intake of your drilling equipment
  • Hexagonal or octagonal push fit connection according to customer specifications
  • Coupling disc with link chain safety device
  • Torque up to 600 kNm
  • Drill diameters up to 1,500 mm
  • Effective lengths up to 12,000 mm

Product advantages

  • Drilling without drill hole casing
  • Robust welded construction made of high-quality materials
  • Long service life and long reconditioning intervals

Application areas

  • Usable for different geologies due to customised cutting edges