Auger drills (hexagonal or octagonal thread)

Auger drills with hexagonal or octagonal threads are primarily used for auger drilling in cohesive ground. The auger drill is bored into the ground with a rotary drive and by the drill’s feed motion.

Anchor drilling through a bored pile wall with auger drills

High-quality auger drills

Our auger drills consist of a heavy-duty welded construction manufactured with high-quality materials. The use of precise welding processes guarantees that the drills are extremely straight.

Positive locking forged or milled hexagonal or octagonal connectors with or without gaskets ensure quiet running.

Individual solutions with auger drills by EMDE

Due to our own coil manufacture we can serve you quickly and individually. We achieve ideal drilling results with flexible adaptations of the cutting geometries of our drill bits to the respective ground formations.

Contact us to learn more about individual solutions regarding auger drills by EMDE. Or find out more about anchor drilling processes. We are looking forward to you and your project!

Product features

We manufacture auger drills according to your wishes with push-fit or threaded connectors.

  • Auger drills with push-fit connectors
  • Hollow auger drills with push-fit or threaded connectors
  • Drill heads of different types
  • Lost lids or tips