Air lifting arm / RC system

With the air lifting drilling process the borehole cuttings are conveyed out via the hollow stem of the drill pipe.

The drilling system must be equipped with a compressor.

Starter unit with guide unit

Compressed air is blown in below the water level of the bored hole to produce an upward flow movement which transports the mixture of drilling fluid and borehole cuttings to the surface. The borehole column is cleaned in the process.

The necessary compressed air can be provided in three ways:

  • Via a separate air pipe welded on to the outside of the drill rods
  • Through the use of double-walled rods – between the outer and inner tube into the interior of the rod.
  • Air supply rod attached to the rotating head and carried in the drilling rod.

Process description

Unlike the direct flushing process, in this process the drilling fluid flows in the opposite direction. Clear water is used for flushing andcan be mixed with rinsing additives to prevent possible cave material from forming. The process is used:

  • In well construction
  • In civil engineering underground – pile foundations even into rock formations
  • In offshore technology
  • In harbour construction
  • In mining

Achievable final depths down to 1000 m depend on the size of the drilling rod and the compressor capacity.