Anchor drilling

EMDE manufactures drilling tools of the highest quality and precision for producing common drill holes even in difficult soil classes.

Product features

  • We are known for short delivery times for standard articles kept in stock and fast manufacturing times for your special wishes. Experienced consultant engineers are available for on-site consulting.
  • The drilling tools are manufactured from high-quality steels using the latest manufacturing technologies.
  • We produce drilling pipes, threaded connectors, ring and full bore crowns up to Ø 406 mm and larger.
  • Drill pipes for the most stringent operating demands up to 3,200 mm in length and 51 to 219 mm in diameter are friction welded using a fully automated process. Due to our extensive experience with tapping threads, we can offer all common and customer-specific threads.
  • We supply spigot ends, rotary swivels, adaptors and accessory parts for all standard hydraulic hammers.
  • Extensive production facilities and a very comprehensive raw materials store also allow us to quickly and economically manufacture drilling tools to customer specifications.

Application areas

This process is primarily used for the following applications:

  • Rear anchorage as a temporary construction pit support
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Pressure and tension anchors for securing buildings
  • Micropiles