Counter-rotating twin-edged 350 mm diameter full disperser

Arrow-like ribs on the outside in the rotational direction with sleeve bearing and seal to inner pipe.

Product features

  • Outer pipe with 324 mm diameter drill pipe connecting sleeve and 400 mm diameter left-handed coil
  • Displacer body 350 mm in diameter
  • Bearing lubricated with grease with grease nipples for regreasing
  • Inner pipe with SW 120 mm hexagonal sleeve at the top
  • Drill tip with conical right-handed coil at the bottom
  • Lower coil end reinforced with welded-on WT50 holders and replaceable 1656 flat teeth
  • Inner drill end with concrete discharge opening to concrete via the displacement cylinder in the dual drill head adjustable approx. 120 mm downwards
  • Inner pipe below with screwed-in holder and replaceable, armoured SD80 fishtail pilot tip

Technical data

  • 62/42 kNm torques
  • Basic length approx. 2000 mm
  • Overall length approx. 2200 mm